Friday, November 2, 2007

Well, I'm continuing to use the 23 Things. I uploaded some vacation pictures to Flickr with no problem - except for the fact that I have dial-up and it takes forever. If you look on Flickr under mogf you can see Italy.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Well, I think I've covered all 23 Things and I know I learned a lot. I'm just not sure how useful most of it will be to me but it's nice to be aware of all the possibilities out there. If I spent more time in front of the computer, I might explore a few of these items, but most of the things were odd and not of interest to me. It would be more inviting if you didn't have to keep creating new logins and passwords for each new thing you want to try.
I have downloaded ebooks from the MDconsortium so this information wasn't new. Project Gutenberg was interesting. I was surprised by the variety of titles on the list of Top 100 downloaded yesterday - and glad to see Pride and Prejudice came in at number 12. This might be a good place to play around if we ever had time to just play around.
I used and to search of podcasts. I found shows from NPR, my favorite radio station, and lots of stuff from Italy (I tried to understand some of it but couldn't get the volume to be loud enough). I don't have an ipod but if I did, this would be useful.
I experimented with Rollyo and their samples of searches and was not impressed. It was not quick and did not give better results than searching my usual way.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Yea! Finally a "thing" that I know and am familiar with. Youtube can use up a lot of time and could even be considered dangerous. It's very addicting (and I don't even like playing on the computer much). I have used it to find line dances and I think the talking dogs were hysterical.
I have explored LibraryThing and found it very interesting. It might be a source of possible titles for future book discussions. It was fairly user-friendly and making a list of titles wasn't too difficult.